About Us

“I was merrily walking down the boards on one of those magnificent November days, weaving in and out of the shops, humming a little tune, breathing the salt air, and basically just enjoying the Ocean City Zone I was in. Then I smelled it. It can’t be, I thought to myself. It’s November, after all, and many places on the Boardwalk are closed. But as I got closer I realized it was true. Curly’s Fries was open!

If you’ve never eaten at Curly’s then shame, shame on you. The fries are like little pillows of carb heaven, deep fried to a level that is unsurpassed in these parts. At least to me. And I didn’t even mention the cheese fries. The whizzy cheese is particularly mandatory oozed out all over the fries. It’s a scene, man.

Clearly I have serious fry issues, but I’m handling it. And handling it all the way over to the red counter as I did that November afternoon. But why are they in the must list, you ask? Because they are a gift to you, constant shopper. You need sustenance during these lengthy gift-buying bonanzas. Sustenance in the form of Curly’s Fries is absolute French-Fried fabulousness. Grab a small bucket, and indulge in the salty, fried goodness that is Curly’s. Curly’s is open year round on nice days.”